Arts & Crafts With Fishing Lures

Something I highly value and recommend is combining family-time and fishing and my 6-year-old daughter is already crazy about fishing. Even if she can’t come to the heaviest trips with long hours, I try to take her with me as often as I can.

Lure art & decorations

One thing me and my daughter love to do is painting and creating all sorts of childish things together. It can be anything from puzzles or watercolor painting to building Lego. Today we are taking the opportunity to use some of our “leftover” crafts materials and use them to create something new with some of my precious, used Rapala lures. We are in for a fun day! 

First, we choose the Rapala lures we will be modifying - I chose the Super Shadow Rap® and Shadow Rap® Shad. Both choices are suitable for this purpose and for our upcoming fishing day. They are easy to cast and even troll behind my boat if my daughter gets impatient. When crafting, be careful and remember to remove all the hooks before your present your lure for other family members like the “clumsy brother, stressed wife or small child fingers” - no one wants any blood to be spilled.

So, here´s a list of recommended supplies and some inspiring stuff to use as you decorate your stunning creations. 
•    Glue gun (Always use in the presence of an adult)
•    Scissors 
•    Different kind of beads 
•    Different colored glitter powder
•    Rattling plastic eyes of any kind.
•    Pipe cleaners
•    (first aid kit – because you never now) 

You can of course grab anything that is suitable for your task, be creative! 

Our mind is our imagination 

My daughter Simone is already way ahead of me, talking loudly about kings and queens of lures. The glue gun is ready, and the creativity is flowing. My daughter is cutting soft paper models and gluing beads onto her Shadow rap and I must say it actually looks quite cool. 

“Dad must do one as well”. I am already dreaming myself away to the waters - I wonder which day would the best? It should be somewhere where it’s easy for Simone to catch a fish with her creations. My thoughts were spinning around, when suddenly she holds up her new and modified Shadow Rap. It has glitter, gold and colored beads topped with a nice comb of glue on the back. 

I’m working on the king of kings, the Shadow Rap® Shad which is my go-to lure for perch and zander fishing. It looks perfect - crowned with a golden crown! I’m hoping for some decent feedback from the little judge at the other end of the table:

-Mine looks better dad! Can’t you see? I will definitely catch a lot more fish than you. 

With a smile and a nod, I give her a thumbs up. Deep down I was thinking we should be happy if we can catch anything at all. Cold mornings and the spawning period right around the corner have made the fishing extremely tricky these last few weeks. 

With that being said, I could already hear my alarm ringing the next morning. We are going fishing!

A day out 

It’s Saturday morning. The sun is already shining bright and it will be a great day, at least I hope so. Me and Simone woke up quite early, and we are both very excited for a day out on the waters. I’m also quite happy to finally have my boat back from the garage, after some repairing.

After a nice breakfast, we packed some snacks, sandwiches, candy and other stuff to take with us. My best friend, Andreas, decided to tag along and join us on our family fishing. Andreas was surprised to see the outstanding art on the modified

Super Shadow Rap®, and Simone proudly showed her creations to him. 

We put the boat down in the water and are ready to go. We chose a medium sized lake for today, with many smaller bays that hold grass and a lot of hard stony areas. Here we can find species like perch, zander and pike. 

We are closing in on our first stop but as soon as I turn off the engine, I notice that something is not quite right. I have experienced this problem before and therefore had a mechanic look at my boat. Well, the same issues are still there, and we are stranded - the engine is dead. 

-What happened dad!? Are we going back home now? 

She looks at me with tears in her eyes, while being a bit nervous. 

-No, worries honey! We’ll get the electric motor started and we can do some trolling on our way home. 

I felt like my day was ruined but as a father and responsible human being I had to swallow the thousand bad words, behave and ignore the feeling of wanting to light the boat on fire. I took a couple of deep breaths and analyzed the situation. 

-So, what do we have here? 

I took a quick look at the sonar and planned our trolling route way back home. 

The plan for the day was to do some casting in shallow bays for some “easy targets” such as pike. But since it will take us several hours to get back with only the electric motor, we had to start our journey back to the shore right away.

I tied my daughter’s Super Shadow Rap to the end of the line. One rod is now good to go. Andreas and I put X-Rap Peto and X-Rap Otus and dragged them along. 

We kicked off the trolling session and had a great time! Being out with my daughter and hearing all her one million comments and thoughts still amaze me every time. 

Sun is still warming and time flies by. Cold drinks and watermelon are on the menu, but where are the fish? 

Almost whole day went by without a single bite. Simone was sitting on my lap and turned towards me. 

-You know what dad? It does not matter if we don’t catch fish today, one day I’ll grow up and be a master angler, better than you. 

I’m hugging the little monster tighter as I look towards the harbor and mumble for myself -Please dear God or someone, let a fish strike our lures. 

About hundred meters before reaching our destination, Simone grabs her rod.

-What are you doing Simone? 

-Dad, are you blind? I’m reeling it in. 

I swear, I did not even get to finish my sentence before her rod started to behave a bit strange. 

-I got a fish dad! I GOOOT A FISH!!! IT’S AAAA PIKE!! 

There was something at the other end of that line, on the Super Shadow Rap she designed! It was a small pike, perhaps the smallest I’ve seen this year! Not much bigger than the lure itself. 

-Do not lose it dad. Grab it grab it!! YEEEESSSSS!!!

Well folks, that was our day! My daughter was over the moon after catching a fish with her “own designed” Rapala lure. I was humbled by the happiness she showed over the catch - it did not have to be one enormous fish or 10 small fish, this was enough. A day out with your family and a fish in the boat is all it takes!

Take care out there!